The People


From the beginning, Viñedos de Alcohuaz brought together a group of people who individually and collectively gave life and meaning to the project, all of them interested in the idea of making wines that were the true reflection of their origin, with minimal interventions and great character.

Álvaro Flaño, ideologist and pioneer of Alcohuaz, started the project, and his son Patricio shaped it and took it gradually to what it is today. As an artist, he does not only share his father’s love for the valley, but he also understands the complexities of making wine up in the Andes Mountain Range.

Álvaro and Patricio were aware they would need somebody that knew every corner of the valley. They found Helia Rojas and Juan Luis Huerta, born and raised in Elqui, and who have dedicated their lives to this land, convinced that communities can work with nature in a respectful and balanced way.

Helia once said: “with each bottle of wine that comes out of the vineyard, we see how a piece of the valley travels to new latitudes, meets new people and, in a certain way, transcends. I do not mean just the grapes or the process, but the lives of each one of us, who have given sweat and tears to the project“. And we still feel the same.

Marcelo Retamal, one of the most outstanding winemaker of Chilean wine scene, joined the project later on. Retamal was interested in being part of an unprecedented adventure in Chile.

After exploring and working for over 350 vineyards in the whole country, Retamal does not hesitate in saying that the success of a wine, whatever it may be, should be measured in how it is true to its origin and how it expresses itself in its own language.

“In winemaking, we have heard the adjective ‘unique’ so many times that it seems it has already lost all meaning. However, when it comes to Elqui, in fact, there is no other way of describing it, and the wines we are making here are indeed unique. ”
Viñedos de Alcohuaz has been recognized in our country and abroad as one of the most innovative wine cellars: it is a non-traditional land for a vineyard, where the relentless sun turns each grape into something incomparable, something like Elqui itself.